Tip Tuesday Edition 3: Where Should I Put My Subwoofer?

Tip Tuesday Edition 3: Where Should I Put My Subwoofer?

Jun 13, 2023Alec Brown

Time for another edition of Tip Tuesdays! In case you're a new reader or simply missed our previous editions, Tip Tuesdays is a new newsletter series we are running where we provide you with tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your equipment and setups, as well as fun facts and information about various topics in the field of audio and specifically premium audio.

Whether you're an audiophile looking to optimize your sound quality or a casual listener seeking to improve your audio experience, our team of experts will provide recommendations and insights on various topics.

The Art of Subwoofer Placement

Like many things in life, installing a subwoofer often requires a compromise for various reasons such as décor, available floor space, foot traffic, getting the best sound, etc. With only one suitable place for a subwoofer, such as a living room or family room where home theatre and audio systems are common in the area It competes for, furniture and visual considerations also play an important role.

In order to get the best audio experience with a subwoofer, it’s important to know the best listening position in the room. The bass response is affected by vertically reflecting standing wave interactions, causing changes in locations. If you experiment in different areas, if you make even small adjustments a few feet away, you can get a balanced and accurate bass sound. Once you find the coveted "subwoofer sweet spot", make it your seat configuration and enjoy the ultimate audio immersion.

Possible Subwoofer Locations

Generally, considerable variation in subwoofer placement can be found in dedicated listening rooms and home theatres, often offering 3-4 possible locations to consider.

Start from the front: Placing a subwoofer in the front of the room is the most common approach, as it allows for better integration with the main speakers and midrange and reduces localization effects since bass is omnidirectional, so a well-placed subwoofer is needed is mixed in seamlessly For best results, try trying subwoofers on either side of the front stage.

Exploring corners: Establishing corners is another recommended way to start. Placing the subwoofer at the front triggers all possible room channels, resulting in a more complex standing wave. This helps reduce the chances of encountering voids, which are sound-canceling areas or "dead spots" in a room. If placing your face on the front stage produces spectacular results, consider yourself lucky and get ready to be entertained in musical and cinematic bliss!

Note that if the listening area is far from the corner, it may not be a practical option to get to the corner of your subwoofer due to limited floor space.

Also, placing the subwoofer next to a flat wall can result in loud, muffled, and unpleasant sounds. For ported design subwoofers (referring to openings through which air passes), it is advisable to space the ports at least twice their diameter (usually 6-12 inches) to provide appropriate airflow.

Don’t forget the cords. If your subwoofer requires a direct wiring connection to the receiver, make sure you can securely hide the cables wherever you decide to place the subwoofer. Vertical cables are easy to step on and can eventually damage the connection between your subwoofer and receiver. Plus, the exposed fibres keep them from falling off and can make a cute toy for your pet to chew on.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of subwoofers, especially wireless, is that they can be placed on your floor where they can be used in many places. There is no surefire way to find the perfect location; Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference.

To get the best subwoofer sound you'll ever enjoy, start by connecting and activating the subwoofer when playing music or movies with high bass. Then, stay where you expect to spend most of your time listening to music or watching a movie. Move the subwoofer around until you get the right sound. If you have family, roommates, or multiple guests entertaining, be sure to investigate the quality of the subwoofer in other seating areas where you will have an audience.
If you happen to have a large space that requires soft, enveloping bass coverage but struggles to find one spot with the sound you want consider adding a second subwoofer for a more balanced audio experience (after all, more bass always gets a "thumbs up" from us!)👍

Thank you for reading through our newest edition of Tip Tuesdays. We hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to visit theaudiofactory.com to learn more about all our mentioned products, specifically the subwoofers. Keep an eye on your inbox for the next edition of Tip Tuesdays!

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