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Works perfect l!

Works better than I thought it would.

Bluesound NODE
Paul Wilk
Very satisfied

The blue sound Node does everything I need it to do. Easy to set up and operate. It doesn’t support Apple Music, which requires a bit of work around, but otherwise just great.

Punches (way) above its weight!

Noting that I really like the Dali-sound (and have other pairs of Dali speakers), I bought these for my office system. They do require a little bit of run-in time to really get them to where they will be, but after that initial run-in time (Dali suggests about 100 hours), you will find yourself listening with pleasure (and a little bit of amazement). Highly recommended!

Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR+ with Subwoofer Bundle
Chris Shadbolt
Wanted to love this

There were far too many problems connecting with the new iOS. Sounded great when it worked.

Works great, but....

Really simple module to install and get up-and-running quickly. Really opens up a host of audio options and upgrades that provide significant new pathways to the C399 which already punches way above its weight.

My only quibble is that I have had a heck of a time getting the module to consistently read my USB flash drives. This is apparently a challenge that has been identified by other users and one of which I emailed customer support about but as of today haven't received any response yet. Knowing what I know now, I probably still would have purchased the module (especially at the "open box" rate I purchased it at), but this one irritant impacts my ability to rate the module 5 stars.

The Magnificent Dali Spektor 1 Speaker

The main reason I had decided on the Spektor 1 speakers was to match to a vintage Dual 1019 turntable with a Goldring E3 cartridge that runs through an Audiolab 6000A Play amp with onboard DAC. Even though the speakers haven' t yet run through the break in cycle, I'm finding the sound to be quite close to what I was hoping for. Not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, I qualify these little babies as top notch in the sound they produce.
A lot of my listening is currently done via streaming of SiriusXM radio. Not fatiguing at all as I can listen for hours on end without any problem.
As well, vinyl sounds great and my old Sony CD player sounds better through the Spektors. I haven't even reverted back to my antique Dyanco A25Xs since hooking up the Spektor 1s........a very, very content and happy listener.


I had the older Powernode 2i w/o HDMI. I recently got new Martin Logan tower speakers and decided to get a new Powernode for the extra power and the arc port. The refurb Powernode I received looks brand new. Sounds great, I can actually tell a (subtle) difference in the sound for the better and the arc port is great as I have one cable now from the tv and can control volume with tv remote. Very happy with the product and The Audio Factory. The unit arrived super fast and well boxed. Highly recommended, would buy from them again.

Node X - worthwhile upgrade

Compared to the Node, the Node X offers a better DAC and superior headphone circuits. The improvements are audible, particularly with the attack of notes and dynamic range. More hi-fi sounding. Silver finish is well applied. And - it comes with a remote, a nice addition. The implementation of HDMI ARC makes this really nice as part of an integrate audio-video system - it gets along very well with my TV.

David Beach
Perfect two channel stereo streamer

A little quirky to understand the APP that runs the Bluesound POWERNODE but after some usage I’ve come to find out that it is actually really a good APP. The POWERNODE has ample power to run I would say any speaker and with proper cables and a strong internet connection you won’t be disappointed. The Audio Factory is great as well and I don’t think I can buy anywhere else. Quick and easy to deal with my items arrived in perfect condition. The POWERNODE has been an excellent addition to my two channel stereo experience.

Awesome Add

This was purchased to update a Node version 2 and really pleased with the purchase! While it looks great (which is good but not as important as the sound), the Node X performs exactly as expected (streaming through an external DAC so I can’t speak to the internal DAC) and a stellar purchase!

Good Value

Powerful bass reproduction, nicely built and attractive. Highs are subdued a little too much though. Clamping force on ears gets a little uncomfortable after 30 minutes of use.

Nad C538

I don't know why this cd player was considered "recertified" but it's in great shape, looks new, plays well, came with all wires, remote, batteries etc and after a week of use I have had no issues. It sounds good and so far I am completely happy with the service, the price and the NAD C 538.

Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR+ with Subwoofer Bundle
Bryon Black
Amazing Sound Quality !!!

I upgraded from a Bose SoundTouch 300 soundbar and sub, to the Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR+ with Sub. What a difference!

Most notably are the clarity of the sound when compared to the bose, especially in the mid-range. Listening to some lossless quality songs, I was hearing new things in nearly every song, New phrases or instruments that were hidden or muddled in the Bose. The Soundbar+ delivers a high quality audio experience.

The sub in my view is 100% necessary, It delivers deep base, that is missed when using the sound bar without the sub.

The installation was straight forward and I only had a couple of issues. I think my install was helped by the following:

1) Hardwired internet connection to the Soundbar+
2) 8K HDMI cables, specs well above minimum requirements for the Sound bar +
3) Solid WiFi, using a WiFi6 mesh router, which uses channels that are not in use by my neighbors wifi systems.
4) Sub uses WiFi in item 3.

Installation woes, had issues pairing the sub. Partly due to mistakenly not waiting for the firmware updates to fully process and install. Also had issue with repeatedly entering the incorrect wifi password. (my bad!)
Ended up having to do a system reset on the Sub after the updates were processed and installed. Once the system reset was applied the sub installed and paired without issue.

Was also wary of reports that the soundbar + was not loud enough. I found that when compared to the bose soundbar i would use volume as a remedy to get more sound from the muddled mid-range, with the soundbar+ i noticed that it seemed less loud but way more detailed in audio of the bluesound bar. Cranking the volume up with the Soundbar+ it gets louder but it never distorted or clipped, where the bose sound would start to get sloppy as you got louder. The soundbar + gets plenty loud for my loft style living room, notice that the sound is clean, crisp and clear when compared to the older bose unit.

The audible difference is noticeable, there is a quality with the soundbar + that the bose was missing.

So far very impressed with the Soundbar+ and sub.

neat amp!

I purchased the Nad D3020 V2 and have had it for a little over 2 weeks and have it paired with a set of Dali Spektor 2's; the amp sounds very nice butI feel it's a bit under powered paired with these have to have the volume at 6.5-7.5 dots out of 9 for any reasonable listening level and there's basically little to no volume for the first 4 dots; nice small footprint and feels solid.

Bluesound NODE
Priscilla Chung
It does exactly the job we need

We purchased to have an airplay streamer, which could also take signal from the tv where if feeds a 2-channel system. Setup was straightforward, and it just works without having to touch the app. I can’t stress enough how important that is.

The better half airplays her music in the house and needed something transparent. No new app or remote. Node does that well. Have not played with BluOS much but injecting our server music was easy.

Blue sound Vault 2i review

Pros: incredible sound, like the simple design. The basic connection was relatively easy.
Cons: ripping is NOT flawless. I’ve had several CD not completely download, several of them didn’t load every song. Haven’t been able to connect to computer successfully to copy or transfer ITunes library. Blue sound has the basic set up directions. Beyond that is it very poorly organized and are by topic & an article. I’ve been tempted to give up and return the Vault 2i.

Blue sound Pulse M review

I’m pleased with speaker but I was hoping the sound would be better. The bass sound is rather muddy, even w/ adjusting the setting.

Bluesound POWERNODE 2
stephane gervais pellerin
So far so good

Easy to setup, working well and sounds good with my Q acoustics 2050i. 5 stars

Thank you

Excellent customer service. %0D%0AGreat speakers %0D%0A✌🏻

Incredible for their size

Bye bye Sonos. I was starting to grow tired of connection issues with my Sonos speakers so I decided to pick up a pair of these AM3 speakers and a used Bluesound Node, wow what an upgrade to the Sonos 5. I've got these in my kitchen and I don't know that there's a better bang for your buck in this size. Very impressed.

Bluesound Remote Control
Geoffrey Turner
Good little remote

Nice and compact with a good button layout.

Excellent compact bookshelf speakers

I already have a 15 years-old pair of amazing psb floor standing speakers with my main hifi system. Was a bit skeptic how these compact Alpha p3 would perform in the kitchen. I must say that I was surprised as I am hearing a crisp and detailed sound coming from them. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for a second pair of speakers !

Bluesound NODE
Geoffrey Turner

This is my second node and fifth piece of blueos comparable gear. Great sound, good price and slick multi room setup.

If you buy these headphones for the right reasons, you will be very happy.

The Dali IO-4 do not have a noise cancelling button. If you are looking for noise cancelling then you should look at the Dali IO-6. The Dali IO-4 do not have a great deal of range. Signal break up starts maybe 10 feet from the source. The Dali OI-4 do have a gorgeous sound. I would put them in the same category as the Shure Ionic 50, as having a sound you cannot believe is coming from a pair of bluetooth headphones. The strength of these headphones is their magnificent sound stage, which is very broad. European classical music, big band jazz, movie scores are done well by them. They have decent bass, but that should not be a reason to buy them. That said, if my mood turns to small group jazz, I do not get up and change to another pair of headphones. If you are not a bass head or a detail junky, but a person who listened to maybe a different genre of music every night; if you a person who likes the freedom (within limits) of a good pair of wireless headphones, then you might find Dali IO-4 headphones a good investment in a good time.