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Best Very Small speaker I have ever heard and I have heard a LOT!!

Simply put the sound that comes out of these really small speakers in my smallish room is nothing short of superb. Now to be fair I have them teamed up with Martin Logan (or the other way around( Dynamo 700) with the settings at the right places but the actually output as low as it can go - so I get a beautiful balanced sound - the blending of frequencies between the tweeter (sweet) and the woofer is superb.

IF you have a smaller room setup try these - you will not regret it.

can I give 6 stars?

I had previously posted a low-scoring review, but need to change that. That issue was due to a shipping issue that was UTTERLY out of Audio Factory's control. Audio Factory staff intervened and got everything handled - their customer service alone deserves 6 stars.

I'm moving from Sonos, and suspect others are too. the Bluesound gear definitely equals the Sonos hardware. I'm still getting used to the app, but that's my own learning curve. The sound quality is great, and the setup is far easier than the Sonos setup ever was. Impressively, the library import was blindingly fast when compared to Sonos, which was lackadaisical.

Overall? Fantastic. Thank you, Audio Factory, for great products and great service. I have other hardware to buy, and it'll be from you.

These sound great

Great sound, and nice aesthetic. One of my two speakers was shipped with the plastic cap for the wire attachment inside the speaker box, which concerns me about the QA process.

Nicely done.

Speaker is like new. Fast shipping. Thanks

NAD C389 with Blu-Os is Perfect!

Found positive online reccomendations about your high-quality workmanship and happily found same positive result, very glad to find you!

Functional & minimal, sounds great!

I was looking for an upgrade to my living room system where we watch television and listen to music. In particular I wanted something drop-dead simple for other members of the household to operate along with a sound upgrade for me, since music is my passion. The HDMI input with auto-sense activated makes it so that my partner always has sound whenever she turns on the television, while the clear, punchy sound prowess of the Powernode plus the streaming functionality of the Bluesound software keeps me happy. Win-win!

can i make it 6 stars?

I recently ordered a bunch of bluesound gear including the pulse soundbar +. Through no fault of Bluesound, there were problems with shipping. Once notified, Bluesound went to work to rectify the issue and did so as quickly as they could - their customer service deserves strong recognition for this effort.

Now to the gear. Well built. Well packaged - particularly like the all-recyclable packaging. Install easier than anticipated. and the sound? the sound is worth every penny.

Many thanks to Bluesound for quality products and above-and-beyond service. Hats off!

Great sound but speaker with battery won't fit on the stand.

The sound from the Blu Sound plus portable speakers is great. The problem was I needed the speaker with battery installed to be able to be used with the stand. The stand does not accommodate this. The second issue is that app is finicky and troublesome at times.

Absolutely superb power amp

I replaced my trusty but slightly old Tag McLaren 100*2 power amp with the NAD M22 and it is just superb. I have had NAD equipment past and it always impressed me, but this master series is on a completely different level.

The bass has become much tighter and the imaging is just so precise now, I didn’t realize that my Tag amp was lacking in this area until now.

Now I guess I’ll have to save up for a matching re-amp

Good sound Good quality 😀

DALI IO-12 Headphone

The headphone performance is better than average. The thing I like about this headphone is that it looks bulky and heavy but, when I put it on, I don't even feel that it is sitting on my head and encroaching on my ears. It is light and sits very comfortably. The thing I really like is that the ear cups covers my entire ears. For the price I paid, the reproduction sound justified itself. Good bass and mid. Very impressive carrying box for the headphone. Well built and really protects that headphone in my bag.

Slim attractive player.

I wanted a CD player that could fit into a shelf with a short height, and this seemed to be the only one I could find. The A B button on the remote is useful for musicians learning a passage. The analog output sounds great. I haven’t tried the digital output though my amp’s DAC specs a bit better – I can’t remember if it’s optical1 or optical2 and having the CD input used for CD spares my memory a stretch.
Very considerate for my guests too to use an input marked CD for the CD player instead of watching them twirl the input **** after a drink! “What do you mean it’s Optical1! How was I supposed to figure that out?”
Beyond saying it sounds great I can’t much hear the difference between CD quality and lossy recorded around 160 Kbs/S. But I have many CDs. I hope the unit lasts twenty years.

Always amazing

I got the Alpha P5 set for my new record player. Absolutely superb! PSB never lets me down.

Bluesound NODE 2i
Wonderful service

Wonderful service from Audi Factory, quickly resolved a mistake that I made to ensure it's shipping to the correct address. Fast shipping. Item as good as new.

Great rear speakers for my stereo setup

These speakers integrated easily into my home stereo system. They make a great pair of rears for music or home theater use. It's easy to customize volume balance for the space because BluOS remembers different volume settings for each source, so TV and streaming can be optimized separately. On their own, they aren't quite crisp enough for HiFi listening, but for my use, they are perfect. One minor flaw is that when using HDMI inputs from the TV into my Bluesound Node, these speakers will occasionally drop the connection for a split second, sounding like a momentary loss of volume on one rear channel, breaking immersion. This does not occur with other streaming sources.

Bluesound Powernode

Great amp, lots of connection options!

Amazing sound, deep base and fantastic sound stage.

Bluesound PULSE 2i Speaker
Christopher Vlachos
Pulse 2i

The transaction was great. I already have a lot of Bluesound (Vault, 2 pulse minis soundbar) so the price and opportunity to snag this speaker was a no brainer. It rocks!!

Dali Oberon On wall

Bought these speakers as back speakers in a surround system. Have to say I’m impressed by the sound quality given the flat profile of the speakers.

Have not tested these as front or main speakers, but for my purposes of these are spot on. Speakers were boxed up and appeared as new speakers when I received them as well. Can recommend!

One of the Best I've Heard

I have owned many speakers over the last forty-five years or so. These are some of the most complete-sounding speakers I have owned. The bass is deep, clean, and unbelievable for a stand-mount speaker. Highs are airy and not over-baked, mids are natural and warm. I have listened to jazz, rock, classical, electronic, you name it...amazing. I bought these on sale and haven't regretted a moment. If you lean towards a warm, rich, sound with a wide sound stage, you will be impressed, seriously.

Great Modular Solution for Whole House Audio

Have 6 of these running big in-ceiling speakers from a tech closet… so much better than the product BestBuy pushes… HiRes music is so much better - we did a head to head comparison.

If you buy from the factory/refurb here you can hit the same price point as the mainstream lo-res provider’s amps…

If it all goes in a closet, what good is “new” when you need 10 of them?

Bluesound Powernode

Clear clean power combined with an awesome streamer and DAC. The built in amp is a winner and easily powers my PSB towers. A big boost from my prior receiver which I had been very happy with until I swapped for my Powernode. Another outstanding piece of hi fi gear from the Bluesound, NAD, partnership. Highly recommend.

Nad m10 v2

Love my new NAD m10 v2.
Running it together with a Powernode 2i unit to drive the back speakers (Dali Oberon on wall - also from the audio factory).

The room calibration from Dirac live really makes a world of difference with the front speakers. It took a few tries to get it right, but once it was done it really sounds much better even on high end speakers.

If anyone enjoys stereo for their music but also want surround without having a full blown 5.1 or 7.1 setup that takes up the entire living room space, I would highly recommend this unit. The NAD m10 v2 really have a lot of power to drive most front speakers. I was a little skeptical to getting a unit that was repaired or open box, but it really feels like a completely new unit. I’m very happy with it and can highly recommend the audio factory.