Tip Tuesday Edition 2: Is Bluesound Right for Me?

Tip Tuesday Edition 2: Is Bluesound Right for Me?

May 30, 2023Alec Brown

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Designed for Music Lovers by Music Lovers

There are many reasons to consider Bluesound as your premium audio brand. One of the first things to note is that Bluesound products are designed by music lovers, for music lovers. Their collaboration with industry professionals and sound engineers has resulted in a range of devices that seamlessly blend wireless convenience with lossless audio.

Bluesound's lineup supports a wide range of digital audio file formats, ensuring compatibility with your preferred codec, be it MP3, WAV, or FLAC. With their advanced Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), every intricate detail of your music collection is extracted, regardless of the bit rate. Drawing on the expertise of renowned audio giants NAD Electronics and PSB Speakers, Bluesound's 2i range features acoustically matched amplifier and speaker components, delivering a harmonious, authoritative, and distortion-free performance.

While nothing can compare to a live performance, Bluesound strives to provide the next best thing. Their speakers and streamers bring a new level of realism to your music, creating an immersive listening experience that rivals being there in person.


Studio-Quality Sound in Your Home

Bluesound makes it possible to bridge the gap between you and your favourite artists, allowing you to experience the recording studio magic firsthand. With MQA-enabled technology found in every Bluesound speaker and player, from the Pulse Flex 2i to the Powernode 2i, you can enjoy the exact sound captured during an artist's studio session, thanks to Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) audio.

This commitment to preserving the purest form of music showcases Bluesound's passion for delivering an unparalleled listening experience. As high-resolution and MQA file formats continue to gain popularity, Bluesound offers a range of future-proof players that combine the convenience of wireless music with a steadfast dedication to sound quality preservation.

Easy to Control

With the Bluesound 2i range, enjoying high-quality audio is made effortless through the user-friendly BluOS operating app, which is compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop devices. This intuitive app allows you to easily stream music to multiple Bluesound devices simultaneously, creating a seamless multi-room audio experience throughout your home. However, for those seeking a hands-free approach, Bluesound offers voice activation capabilities.

By integrating with Amazon Alexa, users can effortlessly control their Bluesound devices using voice commands through an Echo device. Additionally, Apple users can access Siri through Airplay 2, providing convenient voice control options for their Bluesound system. With these voice activation features, Bluesound ensures that managing and enjoying your audio experience is both user-friendly and versatile.

Excellent Connectivity

Bluesound's 2i range breaks free from the limitations of cables, offering seamless wireless audio connectivity. With Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection options, the 2i lineup grants access to streaming services like Deezer, Spotify, and Tidal, providing access to a vast library of tracks. Whether it's a networked storage device or mobile device, the Bluesound system effortlessly reads audio files from various sources.

The integration of Apple Airplay 2 and aptX HD Bluetooth technology ensures that users can enjoy direct playback from their mobile devices without compromising sound quality. With the ability to transmit 24-bit audio, the 2i lineup delivers wireless audio with exceptional fidelity. The Pulse Flex 2i, in particular, offers a perfect blend of premium sound and portability, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes in any setting, from relaxing at the park with friends on a sunny day to immersing yourself in music via your preferred mobile app. Thank you for reading through our newest edition of Tip Tuesdays. We hope you enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading through our newest edition of Tip Tuesdays. We hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to visit theaudiofactory.com to learn more about all our mentioned products and more, including PSB,  NAD, and of course Bluesound.

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