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DALI KATCH G2 Portable Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speaker

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (5)
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DALI KATCH G2 is perhaps the best-sounding battery-powered Bluetooth speaker you can get. Wrapped in an elegantly rounded solid housing the specially developed drivers deliver the audio signal from the internal digital amplifier. It is easily connected via Bluetooth 5.0, supporting the excellent audio quality of apt-X, apt-X HD, and AAC. The DALI KATCH G2 also supports analogue input via mini-jack. With such a powerful portable speaker on your hands, we know you will love the USB charge output, keeping your phone or tablet charged while you rock your beats.

Available in three NEW color schemes, Iron Black, Caramel White, and Chilly Blue, the DALI KATCH G2 will blend elegantly into almost any environment. A golden DALI logo coin anchors the genuine leather strap – now color-matched to the main color scheme.

The DALI KATCH G2 is a portable loudspeaker and will be used in a large variety of situations. With its two different audio profiles, you can choose between a neutral frequency response, perfect for most listening situations, or a warmer response that will work perfectly in larger rooms or when the music needs just that little extra.

We have also improved the rubber feet, making sure that the DALI KATCH G2 will stick to the surface without losing its grip.


Bluetooth 5.0 gives you dramatically improved connection range and stability, as well as the improved audio quality of apt-X, apt-X HD, and AAC. You can still connect analogue sources via the stereo mini-jack input. Combine that with the USB charge output and you can drive a Chromecast Audio dongle for easy home network integration.

Longer Battery Life

The powerful 3300 mAh internal battery in the DALI KATCH G2 offers up to 30 hours of untethered playback. Charging to full within 2 hours. Power-level indicator lights are activated by the push of a button - immediately revealing the current power level.

True Wireless Stereo

Connect two KATCH G2’s in True Wireless Stereo mode to allow stereo pairing. Tell your friend to bring a KATCH G2 to the party, pair it with yours and spread the good vibes.

Three Cool Colors

Available in three cool colors: Iron Black, Caramel White, and Chilly Blue. Making sure the DALI KATCH G2 will blend elegantly into almost any environment. A golden DALI logo coin anchors the genuine leather strap, which is color-matched to the main color scheme.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Geoffrey Chapman
I was reluctant to spend …

This kind of money on a (fairly heavy) portable speaker — but the sound is crisp and clear and amazing.
If you’re interested in heavy base, maybe not your first choice, but I have several UE options and they’re all dead to me now.

Received defective product - technical support 3.5 days no call

Seems the Dali might be a nice speaker, but (2) devices I connect drop within 5 seconds and the device turns off. Try to locate firmware, Dali site says page not found. I’m at 3.5 business days with no return call from technical support. The purchasing side people are prompt and helpful. Was hoping to work with tech support before sending back but can’t wait forever.

Regarding sound, well balanced sound across the spectrum but some might would consider light on the low end. The small Bose speaker out performs on the low end for ref.

Recovering audiophiliac

Looks and feels new. Sounds amazing!