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DALI IO-4 Headphones

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SKU: DALI IO-4 Iron Black UPC Code: 5703120110424
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DALI IO-4 Premium Wireless Over-The-Ear Headphone

With DALI IO headphones, users benefit from more than 35 years of experience designing some of the finest hi-fi loudspeakers in the world. The DALI IO-4's are designed and engineered by the same team and to the same basic principles as any other DALI loudspeaker. The aim is to create the most natural and authentic sound possible - and to reproduce music exactly as intended by the artist. DALI IO is designed and developed in Denmark - build on custom solutions by DALI. The IO's class-leading custom 50 mm paper fibre cone creates the most natural, transparent and authentic DALI sound. With low distortion and colouration. Reproducing music exactly as the artist intended.

The IO-4 provides an incredible class-leading 60 hour battery life, which lets you go for weeks without charging. And should you run out of power, the IO-4 just keeps on going in the passive "Off" mode, when using the supplied Mini Jack cable. Or recharge to 100% in 2.5 hours via a standard USB-C connector.

The DALI IO ear pads are made from memory foam that shapes to the head for maximum comfort and fit - creating the best possible seal. The pads are covered in soft synthetic leather, chosen for both comfort and durability, and tested to meet real life challenges.

For high wireless audio performance, the DALI IO supports Bluetooth AptX, AptX HD and Apple AAC. But for the highest possible quality, DALI IO includes a USB-C connector, which supports digital audio streaming from Windows or Mac. The IO also incorporates a traditional wired analogue Mini Jack

Customer Reviews

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If you buy these headphones for the right reasons, you will be very happy.

The Dali IO-4 do not have a noise cancelling button. If you are looking for noise cancelling then you should look at the Dali IO-6. The Dali IO-4 do not have a great deal of range. Signal break up starts maybe 10 feet from the source. The Dali OI-4 do have a gorgeous sound. I would put them in the same category as the Shure Ionic 50, as having a sound you cannot believe is coming from a pair of bluetooth headphones. The strength of these headphones is their magnificent sound stage, which is very broad. European classical music, big band jazz, movie scores are done well by them. They have decent bass, but that should not be a reason to buy them. That said, if my mood turns to small group jazz, I do not get up and change to another pair of headphones. If you are not a bass head or a detail junky, but a person who listened to maybe a different genre of music every night; if you a person who likes the freedom (within limits) of a good pair of wireless headphones, then you might find Dali IO-4 headphones a good investment in a good time.