Inside the VISO 1 is an array of sophisticated electronic circuitry. The system bypasses the DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in your Apple device to bring the digital music files into the VISO 1 for decoding by its own advanced DAC. Each of the two high-performance full-range speakers has its own amp, ensuring accurate, robust sound quality. And the two speakers are housed separately, to prevent acoustic cross-interference, keeping the sound clean and clear

Warranty: 1 Year

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NAD VISO 1 Digital Music System

VISO was co-designed with NAD’s sister company PSB, known for their high-performance speakers. Their expertise went into the VISO 1’s carefully constructed woofer. It handles the low frequencies, delivering clean, full bass. A special circuit compensates for clipping, so even at maximum volume there’s no harsh distortion with your music. You’ll enjoy a spacious soundfield that has real presence.


  • Two x 2.75-inch full-range drivers with aluminum dome/cone diaphragms and what NAD describes as a “dual magnetic drive” system.
  • One x 5.75 mid/bass driver
  • Frequency response 33Hz – 28kHz (-6dB) Anechoic, 50Hz – 20kHz (± 1dB) Anechoic


  • iPod dock with 30-pin Apple-type connector. The VISO 1 dock provides an ingenious, easy-to-use sliding clamp mechanism that gently but firmly holds iDevices in place and eliminates the need for easily lost docking adapters. A welcome touch is that the dock can position iDevices vertically or horizontally. The iPod dock input is the automatic default choice for the VISO 1, so the user must toggle a selector switch in order to choose other inputs.
  • 96/24-capable optical S/PDIF digital audio input. Note: This connection option allows the VISO 1 to be used with the digital audio outputs of flat-panel TVs or, please note, with Apple TV systems.
  • 480p/576p-capable component video outputs.
  • Optional composite video output (via what would normally be the Pb output jack for the component video outputs)
  • USB jack that, please note, is for intended solely for installing software updates.

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