With the new NAD VISO 1 AP, we’ve expanded our award-wining NAD VISO Series to deliver a complete digital device that offers Wi-Fi network capability and support for Apple Airplay, as well as high-fidelity aptX® Bluetooth® for instant connectivity to mobile devices. Featuring a rear USB port for the connection and charging of Apple iOS devices, thus eliminating the need for a docking cradle, the VISO 1 AP makes listening to music both effortless and seamless. With acoustic design provided by NAD’s sister company, PSB Speakers, the amplification and acoustic design of the VISO 1 AP is fully integrated to create an impressive synergy. The result is a compact system with enough acoustic power to fill a large room, and a smoothness of response and lack of distortion that will exceed any music lover’s expectations.


Warranty: 1 Year

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This is not an alarm dock for your night table, it’s a wake-up call for your smart music. In fact, this is an entirely new performance sound system in one compact unit. But if it was a dock, the NAD VISO 1 AP would be the best sounding dock in the world. PERIOD. Crisp, vivid, room-filling, heart-pounding and soul-singing sound. Call it what you like, we call it Totally Insane Sound.  NAD VISO 1 AP has best-in-class technology. Apple AirPlay, 1000x less distortion, bass to 33Hz, totally flat response, Direct Digital technology,  35-bit 844kHz DAC, and universal wireless apt-X Bluetooth Technology.
This is freedom. Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay eliminates the need for a dock and makes wireless connection easy. Stream all your music wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or stream iTunes from your networked Mac or PC.

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