Our Headphone Re-Certification Proccess

All our factory-recertified products are thoroughly inspected and tested to meet our strict performance and sound quality standards and deliver outstanding value. While we strive for like-new condition, they may occasionally have minor, imperceptible blemishes. All products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

The safety and satisfaction of our customers is priority #1. Re-certified headphones are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to our high standards before adding them to our website. feel free to reach out to our sales / support team with any questions

inspecting returning headphones
battery replacement

Inspected, re-packaged with new rechargeable batteries

In addition to our standard inspection and testing, all our headphones are cleaned and sanitized. All wireless headphones with batteries which can be replaced, are re-packaged with new rechargeable batteries.

headphones are cleaned

All headphones are cleaned and sanitized

new earpads for headphones

Where possible, all earpads are replaced with new